Acquisition Information

It is my deepest wish to connect my work with those who love it; I do this through the use of flexible payment plans of 6 and 12 months.

Below, please find all terms and conditions pertaining to acquisition; all buyers must sign and return a copy of these terms upon purchase:

  • No pieces under $1000 may be eligible for a payment plan.***

  • ALL payment plan options require a 50% down payment.

  • Delivery of the piece occurs when final installment is paid.***

  • The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with their piece

  • Once a piece has been purchased through an installment plan; it is considered "sold" and made unavailable to other collectors.

  • Buyers CAN ONLY cancel an installment acquisition within 48 hours of initial down payment. After that you have committed to payment in full even if you decide you still don't want the work!

  • In rare cases (this has never happened) I will accept return of a piece with the following caveat: 50% of the purchase price will NOT be refunded to account for the loss of the piece for sale to other collectors at that time. This does not include the cost of return shipping. If work is returned damaged, the FULL VALUE along with a $500 damage fee will be assessed.

  • Work purchased in-full may be returned for a refund on the following schedule:

    • Within 72 hours: full refund

    • Within one week: 75% refund

    • Within two weeks: 50% refund

    • Within one month: 25% refund

  • Payment plan invoices must be paid according to one of the following, recurring dates ( 1st, 15th or last day of the month).

Commission Information

Commissions are a unique way to bring my contemporary style into your home for a piece unique to you and your design tastes.

All commissions require a 50% down payment before work begins. This amount is NOT refundable. It is my desire to ensure my commissioned pieces satisfy your needs and leave you satisfied. This being said, commissions are deeply personal to both artist and collector, shared realistic expectations are necessary. I am not a portrait artist, I am a contemporary abstract artist. If you are looking for portraiture, I'm not your man. If you are seeking representational art, I am not your man. For designers, stylists and builders looking for pieces to compliment model luxury homes, condos and.or apartments I offer bulk discounts and flexible terms.

Commission Contact Form

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The Commission Process:

Initial consultation (by phone or in person)


Site visit and measurements

Concept approval

Final delivery and payment of outstanding balance