Luxury Art Mannequin Production

I am pleased to present my latest commercial offering for luxury visual merchandisers and fashion houses: bespoke art-manequins.

View the powerpoint.

Welcome to J. Joseph Studio: Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Fine Art.

My art is the continual process of de-constructing and re-structuring emotion though process, form, and color; it is emotional alchemy. Each piece a poem: texture the meter, color the letters, process the structure.
— Jonathan-Joseph

Follow me on Instagram @JJoseph1 !  This is the best place to be notified of FLASH SALES for studies and the occasional originals! Fellow IG artists: I LOVE to collaborate and am looking for lifestyle and apparel brands for capsule collections using my signature style as a jumping off point!

  Yours truly in the studio, contemplating textures....

Yours truly in the studio, contemplating textures....