For Harry


For Harry



h: 24"


Oil Acrylic and Spray on Canvas

"For Harry"

A unique piece that explores the element of time. It is a piece that is a collaboration between a man (Harry) who lived and died with HIV during the first wave of the epidemic on the late 80's and early 90's. His unfinished piece was given to me by his family to complete for The Gold Series Project. The narrative works both horizontally and vertically (and the piece is wired for display either way). Horizontally it suggests the roiling wonder of an evening sky, lit by a golden moon to signify the dreams unrealized and lives unfinished by the AIDS epidemic. Vertically the Virgin Mary-esque image conveys the desire for serenity and rest they sought.

The textures of this piece are intense, cracked older layers of paint sealed and covered with gold and other pigments anew, I viewed this piece as in inter generational collaboration which in process speaks to the prevalence of relationships between older and younger gay men as well.

This concept rings true especially at a time when the LGBT community must come together so our rich heritage is not lost. Too often we see the marginalization of older LGBT folks and their needs; doubly so for long term HIV/AIDS survivors. This piece also speaks to these gaps in communal knowledge.


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