The Studio Philosophy

Located in the historic Bleachery in New Milford Conn. J.Joseph Studio is the creative home of contemporary artist and consultant, J. Joseph.

Early bird collectors and friends gather to preview The Gold Series at the studio's opening reception. 

Early bird collectors and friends gather to preview The Gold Series at the studio's opening reception. 

All work produced at the studio is influenced by my deeply held philanthropic convictions, a natural marriage of purpose given the space is shared by Jonathan-Joseph Consulting LLC, my boutique business and not-for-profit consulting practice. Given this confluence, 20-40% of the net proceeds form each piece I sell goes to support local charitable works in my community and beyond. 

At 30 years old, I've amassed a small group of passionate collectors and look forward to expanding my art family. In the spirit of a transparent and accessible art market, I sell directly to my collectors and often provide unique payment plan options to ensure committed collectors are able to acquire the pieces which speak to them.  Moving forward I will be creating both pieces for direct sale, as well as capsule collections for select galleries throughout the country. 

In combining my studio and consulting spaces I aimed to inspire my consulting clients to think outside the box while encouraging my art clients to see they're making an investment not only in me, my work and their personal collections but an evolving philosophy of art and art business. 

My work centers around the use of palimpsest abstraction as a method to sift through the often unspoken but manifold aspects of contemporary existence. My artistic ethos is founded on the idea that where words may fail, art may succeed. I focus on color theory and abstraction coupled with textures and layering to create complex visual narratives grounded in the exploration of personal and societal issues or stories.

About current collections

"Dust Settles" | oil on canvas | 2014 part ii of iii as a triptych in The Gold Series  

"Dust Settles" | oil on canvas | 2014

part ii of iii as a triptych in The Gold Series

The Gold Series, is a five year project coming to close in 2017/2018.  50 pieces that use the color gold to explore feelings and concepts related to life as an HIV positive individual.

The charitable portion from the sale of original pieces and select prints will benefit a consortium of ten different HIV/AIDS awareness or service organizations.

The Gold Series will culminate in a unique book compilation of detail and full shots of all 50 works; poetry, interviews, and topical essays to provide a unique snapshot of the HIV/AIDS advocacy landscape today.

Arete is a ten piece collection focused on the exploration of narratives of traumas that I have not lived. Through over a year's worth of interviews with survivors of various traumas ranging from rape and domestic violence to the loss of a child or meth addiction I have used fire and accelerants as symbols of change through suffering for portraits of deep human suffering and altered psyches.

This collection benefits a variety of organizations relative to the narratives of each piece.

"Abuse" pictured to the right, benefits NYC-Based international human and sex trafficking organization Beauty for Freedom for whom I have the privilege of being an ambassador.

Beauty for Freedom uses innovative art therapy programs in countries like India and
Cambodia with affiliated organizations helping provide services and counseling to women, girls, and boys affected by human and sex trafficking. It also creates fashion and beauty industry driven awareness and fundraising events for projects like our "Illuminate" book. Illuminate tells the stories of those whose lives we've touched through a combination of essays and striking photographs and we are currently raising our publication budget with launches slated for Kolkata, Mumbai, and New York.

"Abuse" 2016 Arete Collection

"Abuse" 2016 Arete Collection



We are in an unprecedented battle for the soul of our nation in the wake of the watershed election of Donald J. Trump. Within the first weeks of this presidency we have seen an assault on the fundamental philosophies that underlie our very existence.

Women, immigrants, LGBTQ folks, POC, peaceful protestors, the chronically ill and those who are a combination thereof live in fear each day as new battle lines are drawn and the apparatus of government hijacked by those with a disregard for both precedent and common sense.

The Trumpland Portrait is a commentary on this battle and its central divisive figure, POTUS Donald Trump. This three panel portrait of Trump surrounded by representations of all the issues raised by his election, supporters, and opposition create a heavily layered contemporary piece of fine art whose sale and crowdfunding campaign will benefit the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

This project will culminate in a three city showing of the triptych and artist's Q&A to further spread the message.  If sufficient funds are raised and a movement built, further cities may be added.


About J.Joseph

Image from Positively Aware Magazine "A Day with HIV 2014" Publication

Image from Positively Aware Magazine "A Day with HIV 2014" Publication

Born in Medellin, Colombia and raised in Connecticut, my art career began in trauma. I live with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, the rarest form of CP which is characterized by motor skill, balance and depth perception issues. In an effort to combat these demons, I began to paint. As I got older, I began to sell pieces here and there to people that connected with their understated intricacy. When diagnosed with HIV, I then realized painting was an ideal way to process the complex emotions and memories wrapped up in the experience. This is the genesis of The Gold Series. Now, three years into the project, I'm ready to move on to exploring other issues such as social justice, race relations, questions of heritage, adoption, expatriation and family to name a few.  

Though a self taught artist; I believe my strong working knowledge of art history coupled with my unique perspectives as an artist with a motor disability render the philosophical and art historical underpinnings of my work to be a strong indicator of creative growth potential alongside a unique personal narrative.

I also run my consulting firm, Jonathan Joseph Consulting LLC from the studio location. More information about my firm can be found here.


Bachelor of Arts in English Literature |  Hofstra University

Master's of Science in Fundraising Management |  Columbia University.

Aesthetic and Philosophical influencers:

Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paul Klee, Clyfford Still, Marc Chagall, Georgia O'Keefe, Joan Miró and Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Arthur Danto